My Philanthropic Interests

Early in my career, I recognized that my professional success was not solely a result of my own talent and hard work. I was fortunate to have grown up in a family and community that invested in my development from a young age - which led to a number of educational opportunities that built on each other to create the man I am today.

Recognizing that experience is not a universal one, I've developed philanthropic interests that aim to help others achieve similarly great results.  That is expressed through participation in two organizations.

First, I'm the founding President of the Board of Care For Friends, a non-profit that connects Chicago's most vulnerable with the resources they need to achieve a better quality of life. With over 12,500 homeless contacts per year, we create a community around a hot meal that ultimately connects guests to permanent housing, job skills and placement, and sober mental and physical health.

I'm also a member of the Advisory Board for the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois, the home of my primary undergraduate and graduate degrees. There, I've established the James D. Miller Endowment Fund which supports students pursuing business careers, as well as projects in organizational communication.