As a college student, JD had originally planned to attend law school - so a double major in communication and philosophy, with a minor in comparative literature made sense.


When a White House internship changed his mind about working in law, JD decided to complete a PhD in communication. His research on how social networks were being built and maintained  in "this new thing called the internet" tied nicely with a job as employee number 26 at a small web content management company.


Quickly, that company grew to have one of the largest technology IPOs of its time (surpassed in size only when Google went public), and JD was hooked on rapid growth.

He went on to take progressive leadership roles at organizations seeking sales transformations - whether that be strong increases in revenue, preparation for merger, acquisition, or IPO.  

Currently the Chief Revenue Officer of Motus, he joined when Thoma Bravo acquired two tech companies in a half-billion dollar purchase - and led "team SMarketing" though an exit that places the company among the top 10 biggest revenue returns in the history of the PE firm.


Today, he continues to lead all revenue-related functions, including sales, marketing, partnerships, and customer success at Motus, while also serving as an advisor to companies in 1871 - Chicago's Tech Incubator.  

JD's career has included a number of international roles, including Managing Director/CEO of the Americas for an Italian-based software company that moved its headquarters to Chicago. and VP of the Americas for a UK-based firm that focused on scheduling solutions for retail workers - a post which led him back to the White House to serve on a task force related to minimum wage issues and a national Retail Worker's Bill of Rights.

His work with empowering underserved communities led him to be named one of the 20 Most Inspiring Chicagoans by Streetwise and a Notable LGBTQ Executive by Crain's Chicago Business.